Stay Constant and Give Your Best

Stay Constant and Give Your Best

Hey team. So here we are for another Wednesday Workshop. It is the first part of April. Just got back from Southern California, had a good time watching my boys grow and learn. Got to see my niece. It was awesome. I also got to finish Jordan Peterson’s Book 12 Rules for Life. And something he said in one of the chapters, I think it was around nine or 10, got me thinking. I came up with this little phrase, so I wrote it down real quick. I want to spitball with you. It’s probably not polished up as well as I would like it to be, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about. It’s rolling off of my head and coming to me from time to time.

Is that, my failure might be somebody else’s best. And my best might be somebody else’s failure. What I mean by that is that I can give my best and still not be as good as somebody else. Somebody else can give their best and maybe not be as good as me. But as long as we’re all giving our best and giving the best we have. Then we should be pretty confident in knowing that we’re doing the best we are with where we’re at today. Does that mean we won’t get better? Does that mean that we can’t get better? No, I don’t think that’s true. I think that we can continue to strive in relationships and growth.

If you’ve done any kind of sport. Maybe long-distance running or sprinting or swimming or any kind of sport really, powerlifting, weightlifting. I know that when I was younger, I would go into the gym and I’d start weightlifting and stuff and I’d see certain people have certain gains. And they would have more weight on certain machines and stuff. And I always dreamed of being able to do more. But I can’t just do more. I have to incrementally grow and stretch and build muscle in certain areas as I go to be able to have those gains. But if I put attention to those kinds of things. And the regiment and the workout and the discipline and the consistency that matters in that area. Then I will grow in those areas, and I will see gains. And I will become better than I was yesterday.

So we should always be giving our best.And not putting somebody down for not being as good as us. And not think that we’ve arrived and not be so envious of somebody above us and recognizing that well, I haven’t arrived yet so I should just probably quit where I’m at. But continue to strive to get better. Continue to build yourself in those ways, and you will see those gains too, no matter what it is, whatever you’re trying to stretch and grow and put attention to and become that time will happen but it only happens through that consistency and that work ethic and all those things.

But you should never put yourself down for where you’re at today if you’re giving 100%, if you’re doing your best you should never be putting yourself down, just keep working at it and be consistent. The tortoise in the hair, the tortoise wins because he’s consistent and just keeps walking, keeps moving in the forward direction, he doesn’t quit, he doesn’t get lazy, he doesn’t get prideful in thinking that he’s arrived, he just continues to move from beginning to end, and that’s how it’s done.

So on this beautiful Wednesday as you’re moving forward, don’t put anybody down for being lesser than you, and don’t put yourself down for being lesser than somebody else, be consistent with where you’re at, continue to grow, continue to look for ways to gain, and continue to inspire others that might be doing a little bit less than you, but recognize the fact that they are giving their best, and if they are giving their best just because it’s not as good as yours, that’s okay, and continue to encourage them to grow, help them with their growth, and in the same way continue to be consistent in your own gains and moving forward. God bless you guys, have a wonderful rest of your week, and remember to be valuable because nothing less will do.