Think, Speak, Act

Think, Speak, Act

Hey team, all right, so here we are. It is another beautiful Wednesday, and we’re here for our Workshop.

I saw this meme on Facebook, and it stood out to me. So I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about it and what it meant to me.

So speak honestly, think with sincerity, and act with integrity. How we think. If you’re thinking sincerely about your relationships both at home, at work, in your community, people, friendships. How are you thinking? Are you sincerely thinking and working towards accomplishing both in relationship and in action of doing things in life? Are you thinking clearly and sincerely in that way, with that sincerity?

Now, the next is speak honestly. Are you speaking honestly about how you feel, what you think. And are you speaking with clarity in those ways? Because that’s important how we speak and that we do it with honesty. Not being rude, not being mean, not being hateful, but out of love, out of respect.

And last is act with integrity. Are we acting with integrity? Are our actions meeting how we think? And how we speak? Are we saying one thing, doing another? It’s really important for us to always remember that how we act backs up or doesn’t the things that we think and the things that we say.

Most often, we will end up acting out exactly what we think and what we say. Sometimes we think one way, we say something else, and then we do the thing that backs up our thinking but not what we said. And that’s something for us to maybe correct and or work on and recognize that mistake or that failure in our lives where we said something that we think somebody wanted to hear, but we’re not willing to be honest in our speech, our thinking, and our actions weigh out differently.

So these are all important things for us to grasp. And that’s why on this Wednesday Workshop, I wanted to chat with you guys for a few minutes on that issue. Are you thinking out of love? And out of respect? Are you being honest about it, are you speaking in that way? Are you acting also in the same way that you’re speaking and the way you’re thinking? If you’re doing those things, then you’re probably enjoying life.

But our actions need to weigh out and play out the same way as our thoughts and our speech. So as you go through this Wednesday, I want you to think about: Are you being sincere? Are you acting out of an integrity-based focus? And are you speaking honestly to people? If you’re not, now’s a great day. Today is a great day to change that. If you are, congratulations, thank you, and appreciate your hard work.

Now as you move through this Wednesday and through the rest of this week, remember how you think, how you speak, and how you act. Do them out of integrity, sincerity, and out of that honesty, and you will find yourself blessed. So God bless you. Have a wonderful rest of your week, and I’ll talk to you next week. Remember, be valuable because nothing less will do.